The "Parisienne" restaurant is located in the Tsar's pavilion, the same one that was built specifically for the royal family at the beginning of the 15th All-Russian Trade, Industrial and Art Exhibition of 1882. Seven-meter ceilings, exquisite silver stucco, original tiles - all this breathtaking splendor perfectly harmonizes with modern, but luxurious furniture, with a bar counter lined with mirror plates, or with high wine cabinets, which house the best examples of winemaking in France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, California.

The building, in which the restaurant "Parisienne" has been located since 2003, keeps the memory of the splendor and luxury of its first guests, the imperial couple, Alexander III.

It was then, more than a hundred years ago, that the majestic Tsar's Pavilion, intended for the imperial family to rest during large folk festivals on Khodynka - and therefore closed from prying eyes, was erected by famous Moscow architects A.S. Kaminsky and A.E. Weber. It was the main building of the grand complex of buildings of the All-Russian Trade and Industrial Exhibition in 1882. Today, from the entire architectural ensemble, designed to demonstrate the power, pride and glory of Russia, only the stone building of this pavilion has reached us. He was protected and used for ceremonies with the participation of imperial persons in Tsarist Russia.
The last major event of the Khodynka was the coronation celebrations of Emperor Nicholas II that took place within these walls. These events of 1896 the emperor himself described in his personal diary: “... Alix [Empress Alexandra Fedorovna] and I went to Khodynka to attend at this ...“ national holiday ”. ... We looked from the pavilion to the huge crowd that surrounded the stage, on which the anthem and "Glorify” were played all the time ... ”. And the tragic events of the famous Khodyn crush accompanying the emperor's coronation were described in detail by the journalist Gilyarovsky, a frequent and attentive guest of the “Hojyn society” - the poor.
The atmosphere of "Parisienne" does not fit any of the usual definitions. “Comfortably”, “pleasantly”, “comfortable”, even “solemnly” - each of these words will be true, but all of them, together, will not convey the feeling that you feel at the thought that here, in this very pavilion, In 1896, a dinner was given in honor of the coronation of Nicholas II. In addition, "Parisienne" successfully continues the long history of this mansion and without violating the traditions, offers guests the original French cuisine - the favorite cuisine of the Romanov family.
The best stylists of Moscow carefully inscribed modern interiors in an old building, trying not to spoil, but to emphasize the naturalness that now prevails here. The bearing walls did not touch, the same seven-meter ceilings, huge windows and stucco moldings, mirror fireplaces restored by sketches of the imperial architects were preserved. And the paintings and old photographic images of the pre-revolutionary firm “Scherer, Nabgolts and Co” were purchased from private owners in order to close the guests who come here to the atmosphere of lush baroque, high society, celebrations “for the elect”. Here everything was calculated: from cutlery and to dishes of cream-colored, from massive empire chairs in which you sink, to snow-white tablecloths on the floor.
The main principle advocated by the founders of the restaurant of the original French cuisine - by the way, the beloved cuisine of the Romanov imperial house - the harmony of form and essence. I wanted to breathe into this once aristocratic home long forgotten content and good taste.

We wanted to and it turned out.
Every summer, the spacious summer veranda of the "Parisienne" restaurant opens.
The tents of the veranda are harmoniously combined with the main building of the restaurant, and the interior decoration delicately emphasizes its airiness and lightness.
Immersed in the greenery of age-old chestnuts, with cozy sofas and armchairs, it creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and serenity.
And in the evenings, live music plays from the veranda scene for the guests ...